"A Kung Fu Life is a life of Purpose, Direction, Power, Vitality, Humility, Freedom, Choice and learning to live my unlimited potential!"

Hello, I am a force of nature.
Here we go…

Welcome and well met! Thanks for stopping by and checking out my site. This site is designed to help introduce you to my world, the world of a Kung Fu Life, in four major areas: as a Speaker, as a Teacher, as an Author, and as a Catalyst.

If you’re here, chances are we met through one of my activities out in the community – speaking or teaching… or you’re here because of a referral from someone with which I’ve had the privilege of working, sharing, and learning.

Either way, please allow me to introduce myself and my mission.


The ruminations of the force of nature, Sifu Jeremy Roadruck. Learn about tips, tricks, and case studies on Sifu Jeremy's proven method of self-improvement. Read Blog


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