In addition to Speaking, Teaching and Success Coaching, I am also an author. I’ve been working with Grand Master Benny Meng, founder of the Ving Tsun Museum (the first martial arts museum in the U.S.), extensively as a research assistant and secretary since 1996. In that time, I’ve helped him with every major written project: articles, books, scripts for videos, seminars, workshops, and manuals. With his blessing and support, I’ve also started to write my own articles and books. This website is one of my solo projects.

My first solo book is The Kung Fu Kitties: The Adventure Begins. I wrote this book for a variety of reasons but primarily to anchor in the fundamental lessons I cover with students as part of our Basic Orientation Program – things like making your own decisions, understanding what a kung fu life is all about, self-control, focus, respect, goal setting, time management, having a positive attitude, and more!

I realize that I can reach a much larger audience by writing these lessons down and communicating them through a story format. This is the first in a series of 5 books, each dealing with a different major theme. It also tells the story of several cats that were rescued from living on the street and given a forever home. I kinda have a thing for kitties, having grown up with them my whole life ^_^

You can get your own copy by clicking here (which takes you to As an added bonus, if you bring in your copy of The Kung Fu Kitties, I’ll sign it and I’ll give you a one-hour private lesson! That’s part of the idea of leverage (click here to see what I mean). You’re spending basically $25 to get $200 in service – that’s an hour of my time, without a long-term commitment!

You can also see more current writing by visiting the Blog Page over in the Catalyst section.