Finally, we have the Catalyst page (told you I like cats!). At my core, I see that I am a catalyst (as well as Speaker, Teacher, and Author… what can I say? I’m STACd… okay, that was cheesy! *bows head in shame*).

A catalyst is: an agent that provokes or speeds significant change or action

In chemistry, a catalyst works by providing an alternative reaction pathway to the reaction product and is not consumed by the reaction itself. A catalyst may participate in multiple chemical transformations. Catalysts that speed the reaction are called positive catalysts.

Ultimately, I see that when I act (interact, react, proact, or respond) with someone, or a group, I speed up what’s going on – which can be a positive or negative thing. But, truth be told, it’s always positive. I’m a firm believer that everything works out in the end; if it hasn’t worked out yet, it’s not the end yet!

As a catalyst, I study and seek for the commonalities that connect all experience together, codify that information and teach it to help people achieve results faster, easier, and funner (is that even a word?) than they ever thought possible.

I am available as a consultant – part therapist, part sounding board, part wizard, part accountability partner – if you explain a situation to me, I can generally come up with several options and new directions relatively quickly.

But be warned: I don’t have any answers for you… you do. I just have questions to help you clarify what you want, and why.

As a catalyst, there are two ways we can work together: Broad or Specific.

Broad is a monthly subscription with bi-weekly (2x a month) content and lessons – written and video support, plus access to the archive.

Specific gives you access to the monthly subscription, but we meet face-to-face (or on the phone) 1x a week to address your concerns and challenges for some multiple of 10 sessions. We’ll put together a timeframe for resolution and go from there.

There are several articles and an ongoing blog here to give you some ideas about how to apply a Kung Fu Life to your daily life. Enjoy – and I always appreciate feedback and questions. Just go here to get in touch with me.

Jeremy R.