As a Speaker, I love to be on stage and interacting with audiences of all ages. I’ve worked with kindergarteners and spoken at assisted living facilities. I’ve spoken to professionals, amateurs, bosses, employees, and people of all ages, races, genders, religions, and orientations.

For me, it’s all about connecting with people and helping them to see the world – and themselves – in a new way. I have several pre-planned programs but I can also custom-tailor a talk / experience / presentation for your group as well. The initial meeting is always free to see if I can add value to you and your situation, organization, or company. If you’re not local to Dayton, I just ask that you pay transportation and lodging.

I wrote [talk / experience / presentation] because most of my talking events are interactive – kinetic, visual, auditory and conceptual. Everyone learns and processes information differently so I employ the Four Ways to Learn for Leaders and Followers (Click here for more on the Four Ways of Learning) in each of my presentations. Plus it’s more fun to see people get up, get out of their comfort zone, grabbing each other and whatnot!

Topics include the following, and again, can all be custom-tailored for you and your group.

  • Leadership
  • Communication
  • Setting Boundaries
  • Personal Protection
  • Win-Win or No Deal
  • Positive Attitude
  • Assertive vs. Aggressive
  • Gym Teacher for a Day
  • Afterschool Program (elementary school, middle school, high school)
  • Violence in the Work Place
  • Mother/Daughter Defense
  • Father/Son Defense
  • Teen Defense
  • Doctor Defense (a 9-hour course for doctors that specialize in ER Medicine)
  • Falling Safely
  • The Best Defense Against a Grab, Why It Doesn’t Always Work, and What You Can Do About It

Speaking fees are negotiable – it’s always a win-win with me, or there’s no deal. Presentations can be as short as 15 minutes to as long as several days.

For schools and organizations that work primarily with children, I have two special workshops, developed in conjunction with Mile High Karate and Grand Master Stephen Oliver. Click here for more details.

I have had the pleasure of working with Jeremy as a speaker for two of my women’s events at Miami Valley Hospital South. What I appreciate about Jeremy is his commitment to see each event succeed. He plays an active role in the planning and promotion of each project – not just the day – of execution. Jeremy takes the time to understand why we’re hosting an event, and as a result, his content and delivery as a speaker fit perfectly. Watching him interact with guests is a true pleasure.

He never speaks “to” his audience, he engages them, shares ideas with them and they in turn share with each other. His energy and enthusiasm leaves each person feeling empowered to put his ideas into action. He doesn’t just talk-the-talk, he walks-the-walk, and it’s inspiring and contagious! I would highly recommend him as a speaker and collaborator and look forward to working with him again.”

Cristlyn Johnston
Community Relations Manager
  Miami Valley Hospital South
  2400 Miami Valley Drive
  Centerville, OH 45459

To get the process started to schedule me as a speaker, just complete this contact form. We’ll set a time to get together and discuss your project and what I can present to add value.