Meng’s Martial Arts and Mile High Karate is a leadership and character development center in Centerville, Ohio that uses martial arts principles to help K-12 students build self-confidence, anti-bullying and non-violent conflict resolution skills, good manners, and self-discipline in a fun, engaging way. We teach two on-site programs in schools – we hope to arrange for your school to participate in either or both of them. We provide all staff, paperwork and forms, support materials, and homework handouts. Your school or organization incurs no expense for either of our school programs.

Gym Teacher for a Day*

Community Service Program

*Currently Available for scheduling throughout Dayton and surrounding communities as a Community Service Program

In our Gym Teacher for a Day program, our black-belt instructors volunteer their time to teach gym classes alongside your PE/Health staff for one day. This program is an active, high-energy 30-60 minute class that briefly introduces the basic concepts of our character development and anti-bullying program to children. Children of every grade level love our engaging Gym Teacher for a Day program and PE teachers love to collaborate with local community health and fitness professionals as well as diversify their instruction.

At Meng’s Martial Arts of Centerville and Mile High Karate we have a strong track record in promoting physical fitness and positive attitudes for over 25 years, throughout the United States and now internationally. Local owner and Head Instructor Jeremy Roadruck holds numerous certifications including Cardio Kickboxing in his professional biography. He has also worked with Miami Valley Hospital South and Women in Business Networking to provide workshops on leadership, personal protection and communication. Sifu Jeremy has also trained with many internationally renowned martial arts masters such as Benny Meng, Moy Yat, Ip Ching, Ip Chun, Chu Shong Tin, Darren Lavine, Andreas Hoffman, Kenneth Lin, Stephen Oliver, Jeff Smith, and many more. Mile High Karate enjoys visiting local classrooms to share our love for physical activity, discipline, leadership, and hard work with our community’s children.

This free program is also available for Churches, Day Cares, Youth Sports Teams, Boy or Girl Scouts, and other youth-focused programs. Contact us at 937-361-4579 for details and to  get scheduled, today – or simply complete this form, and we’ll get in touch with you ASAP!


Gym Teacher for a Day Feedback with
Melissa Charske @ John F. Kennedy Elementary, Kettering, Ohio

Afterschool Enrichment Program*

Community Service OR School Fundraising Program

*Currently Available for scheduling in South Dayton (Centerville, Springboro, Oakwood, Kettering, Franklin, Bellbrook)

Mile High Karate’s most popular program is the Afterschool Enrichment Program. This is a six-day afterschool program held on your campus and provided to all students who elect to participate. You may choose whether this program is provided to your children at absolutely no cost to the school or to parents, or you may choose to charge a participation fee to parents and use the program as a school fundraiser. Please note that if you choose to use this as a fundraiser, all proceeds will go directly to your school. Checks should be written directly to your campus name. Students will not be pressured to enroll or have any direct solicitation other than a free offer for an additional month of lessons at no cost or obligation to the parents or student.


Afterschool Enrichment Program Details

  • Classes are taught afterschool twice a week for three weeks (or for six consecutive days if preferred). You determine the best days and times.
  • Lessons focus primarily on respect, discipline, non-violent conflict resolution, and learning skills.
  • If this is a fundraiser, parents pay $20 for the program. Your school retains 100% of all fees. We volunteer our time and provide supplies for the entire program.
  • The martial arts content of the program is focused primarily on personal discipline, communication, and basic defense skills. The children do not use skills offensively.
  • Students have daily homework assignments that are character and discipline-related.
  • We provide all materials, registration forms, and have full and complete insurance coverage.

This program is also available for Churches. Contact us at 937-361-4579 for details and to get scheduled, today – or simply fill out this form, and we’ll get in touch with you ASAP! Given the intensity of this program, there is limited availability each month.

Afterschool Enrichment Feedback from Principal Amy Allen
John F. Kennedy Elementary School in Kettering, Ohio

Afterschool Enrichment Feedback from Guidance Counselor Tracey Nissen
John F. Kennedy Elementary School in Kettering, Ohio

Classroom Aide Jodi Michalo, John F.Kennedy Elementary School in Kettering,Ohio