Regular Group Classes

Group classes are focused on families and children, ages 5+. The great thing about martial arts classes as a family is this: when a parent has a child in a youth activity, the parent gets to be proud of the child’s accomplishments… but when does the child get to be proud of the parents? Most younger kids don’t really understand what mom or dad does as a profession so the parents’ peer recognition doesn’t really connect to the children emotionally.

For example, my dad was a Major in the US Air Force, and ran the F-15D SPO for a number of years. His program survived four GAO (Government Accountability Office) audits with no changes… as a kid, that meant absolutely nothing to me. Once I spent time as a software tester and understood logistics and program management, his accomplishments started to impress me.

However, when a child has his or her parents taking martial arts along side of them… seeing the parent learning a new form, or breaking a board, or earning a new belt – that child’s heart swells with pride at seeing mom’s or dad’s accomplishment and growth. I can’t tell you how jazzed I get when I hear a 7 or 8 year old tell a parent, “I’m so proud of how you broke your board, that was amazing!” – but it gets me totally, super pumped to the max extreme! Srsly!

These classes can be a low as $7.50 a class, but you should probably read ‘Service vs. Commodity’ before we meet in person. You can get more information on our regular programs by visiting the Mile High Karate Website, just click here. If you want to get the ball rolling, just visit the contact me page, and select the two-week trial from the drop down and I’ll be in touch ASAP!

Private Lessons


In the Private Lessons, I work with individuals that have a serious or pressing personal safety or security issue that needs to be addressed or resolved immediately. Private lessons are set up in blocks of 10 so we have time to learn, rehearse, and internalize the training and concepts. My goal is to get you ‘grab proof’ as soon as possible, and put you in a position wherein you can call the shots. You’ll give the bad guy two options: go away, or take a beating!

I charge a significant fee to assure me that you will be serious and get the outcomes you deserve. I have over 35,000 hours of experience and can develop you to a high level of skill quickly, even if you feel you have little coordination or aren’t in great shape but you have to make this a priority. I’ve found that charging an uncomfortable (for most people) tuition makes the training a priority. Give me the time, I’ll give you the skill! Private training is $200 an hour, for 10 hours or $2,000 in one lump sum.

Bonus: You’ll also receive complimentary access to the school while your private training is scheduled (if you schedule 1 class a week for 10 weeks, you’ll also have access to the school for 10 weeks in the Basic Class)

Small Group Workshop

Small Group Lessons are designed for groups of 9 to 11 people, and focused on personal protection scenarios. This can be a team-building session for companies as a team-building activity, a preparation for a group traveling internationally for fun or missionary work, or even students preparing to head off to college or the military and want to be prepared for potential self-defense scenarios ahead of time. There are two courses – training against unarmed assailants and training against armed assailants. You must complete the first before training in the second. These workshops are normally $597 and $797 per person but when you enroll in both, you save a total of $400 total ($200 each) and receive a complimentary set of training weapons (gun, knife, stick) with your tuition. You can get more details on these programs by clicking here.